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The Power 

Updated: Feb 12

The Power  During the tenure of the Trump administration, the presidency underwent a notable expansion that severely eroded public trust in our government. Our nation became deeply divided, exacerbating the flaws within our already imperfect system. Politics devolved into a relentless battle between opposing factions, where unconventional methods replaced traditional governance, turning the administration more akin to a business venture than a governmental body. Priorities shifted towards social media dominance, ranking, and rivalry, overshadowing the essence of governance.

The Power: Throughout their term, the Trump administration made ambitious promises, including the construction of a border wall, the eradication of the Islamic State, and efforts to curb violence, gangs, and drug trafficking. However, despite these pledges, the administration oversaw a surge in fatalities and racial crimes, marking a stark departure from previous decades.

The Trump presidency wielded power with little restraint, manifesting in a sweeping expansion of executive authority. Trump's policies reshaped both domestic and foreign landscapes, including withholding aid from NATO allies and enacting substantial corporate tax cuts.

Trump fostered a dedicated following, demonstrating a fervent appetite for power and resorting to drastic measures to maintain control, epitomized by the disgraceful events of the January 6th insurrection. The administration's response to the pandemic, which resulted in a staggering number of deaths surpassing those of World War II, raised questions about its efficacy and leadership.

While the legality of the administration's actions remains uncertain, its legacy undoubtedly includes an unprecedented expansion of presidential power, challenging the fundamental principles upon which our nation was founded.

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